X-Nova FH-Line 2207 1650KV - 2600KV Brushless Motor

by X-Nova
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Manufacturer Description

The new engines from X-Nova, designed in partnership with our J-True sponsored FPV pilot, come in two versions, Smooth Line and Hard Line!

Here you will find the FH-Line (Freestyle Hard Line) version which are 2207 engines with monstrous power and 4 different KV options available (1650, 1800, 2450, 2600KV) for both acrobatic and local flights.

The X-Nova FH-Line engines differ from the FS-Line engines in that they have more power at the expense of efficiency. The motor bell is super strong and is made to take shocks, just like the shaft.

It's especially at the level of acceleration recovery that the FH-Line and the FS-Line most differ. The FS-Line is made in particular for fluid, smooth behavior in flight, hence the name. The FH-Line motors are much more nervous; they are perfect for close proximity because the recovery of these engines allows tighter approaches to obstacles in flight and quick escape with a small burst of power.


  • Your choice for mind-blowing acrobatic flying or freestyle
  • High performance and finest CNC quality
  • Ultimate efficiency
  • Low cogging torque and smooth running
  • Precisely balanced and fully tested


  • 1x X-Nova 2207 FH-Line Motor


  • 1650KV
  • 1800KV
  • 2450KV
  • 2600KV
X-Nova 2207 FH-Line Motor Diagram X-Nova 2207 FH-Line Motor Specs

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