TBS Raven 2306 1800KV Brushless Motor

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Manufacturer Description

“Speed - Power - Efficiency is what these new 6s 1800KV motors deliver. If you are a serious racer and looking for a motor to give you that extra edge then these motors are for you.” -Drobot Racer

Drobot spent weeks testing various KV and stator combinations to narrow down what could be the perfect 6s racing motor. His tests consisted of flying a simple track that he could consistently fly at max speed. His laps were timed and battery voltage checked was at the end of the 2 minute timer. Each motor setup was flown 3x to get an overall average. In the end, 1800kv was the ultimate choice for the fastest 2 minute lap times without killing batteries and with mAh to spare.


  • Brand: Team BlackSheep
  • Magnet: N48
  • Shaft Material: Steel
  • Bearing Size: 8mm OD, 3mm ID.
  • Weight: 32g (with wires)


  • 1x Raven Motor
  • 1x Prop Nut
  • 1x Screw Set

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