TBS Crossfire Micro V2 Reciever (RX)

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Manufacturer Description

A super-tiny, super-lightweight UHF long range receiver. Perfect match for your mini-quads or micro-quads as well as 4ch aircraft. It now comes with a servo-adapter board for high-current servos and 4ch PWM connectivity. (Requires software update to your Crossfire TX!)


  • Brand: Team BlackSheep
  • Dimensions: 40mm / 14mm / 9.5mm
  • Weight: 3.32g (V2)


  • 1x TBS Crossfire Micro Receiver
  • 1x TBS Crossfire Micro RX Adapter
  • 1x TBS Crossfire Micro RX Adapter Cable
  • 1x Spare Antenna
  • 1x Spare Shrink Tube
  • 1x TBS Vendetta (BST) Cable
  • 1x TBS Powercube Cable
  • 1x Standard RC Cable


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