ImpulseRC Mr. Steele Apex 5" FPV Quadcopter Frame

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Manufacturer Description

This is the ultra lightweight, Mr. Steele version of the Apex Frame. This version comes bundled with our new OSD, regulator board, LED strips, and wiring harness. Also included are both Mr. Steele's exclusive Coyote Brown plastics and the Classic Black plastics, as well as multiple other extras.


Carbon Parts

  • 1x Apex Arm Key CF 5mm
  • 1x Apex Top Plate CF 2mm
  • 1x Apex Main Lower CF 2.5mm
  • 1x Apex Main Upper CF 2mm
  • 2x Apex Cam Side Plate CF 2mm
  • 4x Apex 5" Arm CF 5.5mm


  • 1x Apex Full Screw Pack - High Tensile Carbon Steel - Gunmetal
  • 1x Apex Hook LiPo Pad - Black
  • 1x Apex LiPo Pad - 3mm Black
  • 1x Diamond File - Flat (Mini)
  • 1x Diamond File - Round (Mini)
  • 4x M3 28mm Standoff - Aluminium - Black
  • 4x M3 20mm Standoff - Aluminium - Black
  • 2x M3 10mm Standoff - Aluminium - Black
  • 1x Apex Antenna Clamp - Aluminium - Black
  • 1x Apex Arm Covers - Black (4 Pack)

Difference in Parts Over The Base Model Apex Frame Kit

  • 2x Lipo Strap - Medium - ImpulseRC
  • 1x Apex Plastics Kit - Coyote Brown
  • 1x Apex Plastics Kit - Classic Black
  • 1x Foam Wedge for HD Camera
  • 1x Foam Strip 150mm - Landing Feet
  • 1x Apex Regulator Board Kit
  • 1x Apex OSD Board Kit
  • 2x Apex RGB LED Strips
  • 1x Apex OSD Wire Harness Kit - KISS

Build Guide & Assembly Instructions

Note: This is only a frame, not a complete quadcopter drone. No motors, electronics, camera, or antenna are included.

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