Hobbywing EzRun MAX5 ESC & 800KV Motor Combo - 2pc Set

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  • Strong Power: With a fast acceleration response and a rock-solid, stable output, the EzRun 5687 and 56113 motors can handle instant full-torque start-ups for wheelies, high-speed racing on straightaways and powering through the bumpiest terrain.
  • Thermal Protection: When pairing the EzRun 5687 / 56133 motors with the Hobbywing upgraded Max 6 or Max 5 ESC, the built-in temperature sensor & port will protect the motor from being damaged by overheating and prolong its service life.
  • High Efficiency: Hobbywing’s temperature control technology which protects from hear, also increases the efficiency of the motor. The output performance of this motor has an efficiency rate of up to 90% (an industry-leading level).
  • Max Effect: When pairing the EzRun 4985, 5687, or 56133 motors withthe Hobbywing EzRun Max 5 or Max 6 ESC, the excellent match results in strong torque plus a very smooth and linear power band. (Note: The Max 5 pairs with the 5687 and 56113 motors and the Max 6 pairs with the 4985 motor)
  • Easy Programmable: Both the WiFi Module (IOS & Android) or LCD Program box (available separately) can be used for programming.


  • 1x EzRun Max 5 ESC
  • 1x EzRun 56113 800KV Motor or 5687SL 1100KV Motor
  • 1x 10AWG, 200C, Black Wire (for brushless motor)
  • 1x 8AWG, 200C, Red Power Wire
  • 1x 10AWG, 200C Black Power Wire 
  • 1x Double Side Tape
  • 2x Heat Shrink Tubes
  • 1x User Manual
  • 1x Hobbywing Decal


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