ETHiX V2 Triple-E 230mm LiPo Battery Straps - 4pc Set

by Ethix
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Manufacturer Description

Sometimes one strap does not fit all. This is our new 20mm / 230mm Triple-E LiPo strap. We have revised our original design adding a threaded stitch to hold the plastic loop with more vigor. This strap is designed for those that are just looking for something a tad bit shorter than 250mm and also maybe a more subtle solid black look.

We recommend using this strap in conjunction with our 20mm / 250mm ETHiX LiPo strap with the 250mm strap up front and a 230mm strap in back. Together, these two straps provide extra hold while still allowing some length up front to hold your power wires away from the props.


  • 4x 230mm Velcro Battery Straps

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