ETHiX Radio Transmitter Bag V2 (Futuba, Tango, Taranis)

by Ethix
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Manufacturer Description

This carry case was designed specifically to protect your Taranis (or any similar size) radio and take up as little room in your bag as possible. Fast, light, and secure is what you need for the modern FPV freestyle mission and jetsetting racer lifestyle. It also has an internal pouch to hold your TBS Diamond Antenna and ETHiX Neck Strap so you are never without the vitals for a good day's flying.


  • Brand: ETHiX
  • Compatibility: FrSky Taranis X9D, FrSky Taranis QX7, TBS Tango (tight fit), Futaba T16SZ
  • External Dimensions: 210 Tall / 210mm Wide / 90 Deep
  • Internal Dimensions: 200 Tall / 200mm Wide / 80mm Deep
  • Internal Pocket: 130mm / 150mm
  • Weight: 190g


  • 1x Radio Transmitter Bag V2

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