ETHiX Quadcopter Tool Set & Carry Case

by Ethix
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Manufacturer Description

When storing your tools is not just about utility but also about style, you've found a perfect match in the ETHiX Tool Case. With a soft suede / alcantara-like exterior and a rugged nylon interior lining, heavy duty zipper and rubber as well as velcro strap fasteners to hold your tools in place, you will look actually forward to the next repair :)

The case houses a compact 8-piece tool kit for your build and repair needs at home or on the field. ETHiX has smashed it out of the park with a full suite of hex drivers, carbon fiber files, prop wrench, wire cutter, and wire stripper.

The versatility doesn't stop there. Leave the wire stripper at home and insert your TS100 soldering iron and related accessories in the slot. A small pocket can store blades, solder and solder-wick, or whatever else you need to have tightly secure and stashed away.


  • Brand: ETHiX
  • Outer Material: Soft Suede-like Fabric
  • Inner Material: Coarse Nylon
  • Dimensions: 20cm Long / 14cm Wide / 5cm Thick
  • Weight: 500g


  • 1x M1.5 Hex Driver
  • 1x M2.0 Hex Driver
  • 1x M2.5 Hex Driver
  • 1x M5.5 Nut Driver
  • 1x Ratcheted 8mm Wrench
  • 1x Round & Flat Diamond File Set
  • 1x 14AWG - 24AWG Wire Stripper
  • 1x Micro Side Cutter / Plier

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