ETHiX Mr Steele Silk V3 2306 2345KV Brushless Motor

by Ethix
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Manufacturer Description

Introducing the third iteration of the Mr. Steele motor line. This well-refined piece of kit is built upon the success of its predecessors and tuned for an even higher flight envelope. The same beloved 2306 stator is in play, but this time with a beefier and much smoother 9mm ball bearing (up 2mm from the previous 7mm). This allows for a thicker overall shaft adding substantial durability and more material to dissipate heat built up from consistently power-hungry, abusive rippers.

This motor is also offered in a slightly higher KV for its 6s Stout variant: 50KV up from the V2 1700KV. The increase in KV adds just enough additional power without dipping into the red zone of diminishing returns on efficiency. So, it's just as efficient, but with more pop.

Featuring a completely redesigned motor bell with a recessed 6 spoke design allows for a lower profile bell and more refined look. The lower profile design has less wind resistance and a lower center of mass, assisting throttle response. On a side note, the recessed spokes also aid massively in the overall durability of the bell itself. This is seriously one tough little motor.

Even with all of these amazing new features, we were still able to keep the weight under 30g; this motor comes in at 29g with the full length of wire and low profile plastic pants.

While the pants remain interchangeable with V1/V2, the V3 stator and bell is only compatible with other V3 models. However, you can swap Silk N48 magnet bells out for Stout N52 magnet bells for added power and response. But since we went with a thicker shaft, these will NOT be compatible with previous generation Steele motor parts. This is a bummer, but to innovate sometimes you have to change.

The V3 Motors are Offered in Two Variants

Silk - 2306 2345KV N48 magnets; recommended but not limited to 4s - 5s 5in freestyle mini quads

Stout - 2306 1750KV N52 magnets; recommended but not limited to 6s 5in freestyle mini quads


  • Brand: ETHiX
  • Stator Type: 2306
  • KV Rating: 2345KV
  • Rating: 1s - 5s
  • Weight: 29g


  • 1x Mr Steele Silk V3 2345KV Motor
  • 2x Motor Pants (Bumper and Bottom)
  • 4x Mounting Screws
  • 1x Aluminum Prop Nut

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