ETHiX CATS 2207 6s 1750KV Brushless Motor

by Ethix
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Manufacturer Description

Developing quality multi-rotor motors requires extensive engineering prowess, but also understanding of how these products stand up in the real world. Ease of use and a design that holds up to abuse and keeps on ticking was our main goal. Years of learning from our mistakes and successes has lead us to revisit a familiar concept. 

The concept is you can have 2 of the following 3 traits:

  • Fast (Light Weight)
  • Reliable (Durable) 
  • Cheap (Affordable)

There are always trade offs when it comes to strength, weight, and affordability. In the past we always tried to bring the best of the best, which comes at the cost of affordability to some. With our new C.A.T.S motors we have kept durability and affordability at the highest priority, with slight sacrifices in weight.

The CATS motors give an extremely smooth and high resolution power band, with a nice and punchy top end. With these motors we aimed to add a new stator size choice (2207) and offer a durable and powerful motor of quality that even frugal rippers can enjoy. It's cheap access to space!

C.A.T.S. 2207 Motors Available in Two KV Variants

  • 2400KV -  Recommended for 4s and 5s freestyle/racing setups with 5in props
  • 1750KV - Recommended for 6s freestyle/racing setups with 5in props and long range 6in props


  • 1x CATS 6s 1750KV Motor
  • 1x Prop Nut
  • 4x Motor Screws

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