ETHiX FPV Goggle Strap V3 - Green (Fat Shark)

by Ethix
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Manufacturer Description

Ethix is coming on hot with a merger of the V1 and V2 straps, trying to ever refine something as simple as a goggle strap.

This strap is now improved with rubbery grips inside the battery holder slot to aid in holding on to those slippery, thinner LiPos. The overall design is more similar to the original (one plastic) piece slip adjustment design with a 1.5” (38mm) main band with 1” (25mm) side mounting tabs.

This V3 goggle strap is as close to perfection as it can get. Coming in the OG Ethix green but now available with black Logo for an updated feel. The side straps have double stitching to prevent the ends from pulling out of the goggle mounts under high tension. The strap sizing adjustments allow comfortable fitment for all varieties of head sizes and shapes.

You can’t go wrong with the V3 strap!


  • 1x Goggle Strap V3 (Green)


  • Black Accents
  • White Accents
Note: Fatshark goggles Not included.

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