Emax Eco Series 2207 1700KV - 2400KV Brushless Motor

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Manufacturer Description

Emax's Eco series focuses on quality, affordable motors that are lightweight but still remain durable. They are lightweight due to their new bell design and still very durable with the new larger 9mm bearings.

This 2207 sized motor features a strengthened steel hollow shaft, multistrand windings for performance, shaft screw, and larger 9mm x 4mm bearings.


  • Brand: EMAX
  • Framework: 12N14P
  • No. of Cells: 3s - 4s, 2400KV
  • No. of Cells: 3s - 6s, 1700KV - 1900KV
  • Propeller: 5" - 5.5"
  • Prop Adapter: M5
  • Shaft Thread: CW
  • Dimensions: 32.6mm Long / 27.45mm Diameter
  • Weight: 31.5g (without silicone wire)


  • 1x ECO Series 2207 Brushless Motor


  • 1700KV
  • 1900KV
  • 2400KV

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