About Vision FPV

Our Vision

Quality Products + Quantity Discounts + Excellent Service

Vision FPV is a small e-retail company founded to support FPV quadcopter racing and freestyle flying with the highest quality products at great prices.

To ensure quality, we source our inventory from only the best manufacturers and distributors of genuine FPV products. Our pricing system makes bulk discounts on the best products accessible to everyone by counting every item in your cart toward your discount.

Beyond e-retail, we specialize in designing our own high-end FPV products. Expect our inventory to grow over the coming months as we release new innovations.

As pilots and industry experts, the knowledge that enables us to select the best inventory also equips us to offer excellent customer service. Providing you a first-place shopping experience is our #1 priority, both before and after you place an order!

We highly value every choice to shop with Vision FPV and pledge to earn your order!

Our Team

Mitchell Reynolds, Founder, Chief Product Specialist

Mitchell Reynolds, Founder, Vision FPV

Mitchell’s excitement for RC aircraft started on his tenth birthday, when his dad brought home two RC hobby magazines and a model rubber band powered airplane. Since that point, it has become his lifelong hobby. At the age of 20, he started working for a company in the RC world, gaining both a job and increased access to the hobby. After seeing the way customers were being treated and prices being so high, he decided to start his own company. For Mitchell, Vision FPV was a way to get people excited about the FPV hobby and to help them succeed with his years of expertise.

Mitchell was born and raised in Orlando, FL, and at a very young age had a passion for flight and wanting to start his own business. He started a lawn care business at 14, mowing most of the yards on his street, and at 17 he got his first job at Chick-fil-A. That’s where his passion for customer service started. By the age of 20, he had saved up enough to purchase his dream car, a Dodge Challenger. Around the same time, he got his dream job working in the RC world, soldering and doing electronic development.

Mitchell loves to hangout with friends, playing ping pong and pickleball. He also enjoys flying long range FPV, while also building some of the worlds fastest drones. Mitchell is excited about where the FPV sport is headed and wants to be a huge part in making it a mainstream sport.

Matthew Philips, Chief Administrator

Matthew Philips, Chief Administrator, Vision FPV

The entrepreneurial spark was ignited in Matthew as a teenager. Selling Lego pieces through BrickLink.com was his first business endeavor. After high school, Matthew helped his family launched a shaved ice shoppe. Although the business didn’t last long, the experience led him to study business administration in college. He started his next venture while in college, selling board game components through an independent webstore and learning digital marketing in the process. This opened up a career in digital media after college.

Matthew crossed paths with Mitchell at church and they quickly became friends. When Mitch shared his idea for Vision FPV, Matthew’s experience in e-commerce alerted him to the great business potential. After providing some initial business advice, he joined the company as an investor and business partner. He currently handles technical marketing, finance, and web operations, besides his regular job as an SEO Analyst.

When away from work, Matthew occupies his time with reading, board games, disc golf, biking, and flying micro drones. Right now, his favorite board games are Root and Scythe.

Luke Claerbout, Chief Advisor

Luke Claerbout, Chief Advisor, Vision FPV

Luke began his business ventures as a 12 year-old, selling doughnuts and soda at a city park to earn spending money. The funds he raised inspired him to expand his efforts, and he purchased a well-used Jeep Cherokee Chief for $700 when he was 16. The doors had more rust than sheet metal, and the vehicle had no air conditioning, so he removed the doors and quickly became known around the area for his custom ride with easy entry and easy exit! More importantly, he impressed people with his work ethic and soon expanded his service area and grew the company, into a successful and well-regarded landscape design and installation service.

Mitchell and Luke became acquainted several years ago, and once Luke met Matthew and started discussing the possibilities for Vision FPV he knew that he wanted to be an investor and business partner in this quickly growing market. Luke enjoys flying RC planes and drones and is excited to see how technology will continue to impact how and what we fly.